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Must-Know Information About Filtering Viruses

Air purifiers make a difference towards a healthier life. They clean the air of allergens and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which means the air you breathe is cleaner and healthier. VOCs are everywhere - from perfumes to formaldehyde, to off-gassing from a new shower curtain!

These compounds can cause irritation and can present health problems over time. VOCs are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency and are present in fire retardants, particleboard, and other in-home products. Air purifiers can combat the presence of VOCs.

The best way to stay safe from air pollutants is to follow social distancing recommendations. However, systems like UV air sanitizers do provide cleaner overall air, making for safer isolation from the outdoor air.

Air Purifiers 101

air purifiersAir filter purification works by filtering particles in the air through a filter. Some air purifiers use activated carbon, which adsorbs chemicals, pulling them from the air and thereby providing better air for breathing.

Air pollution is a risk factor for chronic disease. Those with asthma or other lung health limitations find tremendous benefit from cleaner air. Improved sleep, lowered blood pressure, and better heart function are all benefits of purified air.

Additionally, if your home has dust or allergens, consider an air purifier to prevent the development of allergies. Pet owners will see the difference in their homes once an air purifier begins to filter out dander.

How to Handle an Air Flow Quarantine


Currently, many states have enacted “stay at home” orders to prevent the spread of coronavirus. These orders typically state that non-essential business should be conducted at a later time once these orders have been removed.

As a result of these orders, a number of people are spending much more time in their houses than they are used to. In many cases, this has caused homeowners to realize that their indoor air quality could be as much of a risk as outdoor conditions.

Investing in an air purifier can help create that safe and sanitized enforcement. Air purifiers scrub the air within the home, maintaining an isolated environment behind closed doors.

If neighbors were to sneeze or cough outside the home, the outside air would not be as fresh as the purified air inside the quarantined home. Social distancing is an effective method of prevention, but while you stay home for the duration, you can enjoy clean, fresh, purified air within your residence.

Finding the Right Information

right informationUnfortunately, some businesses may take the current crisis as an opportunity to disseminate incorrect information about the power of air purifiers Consumers should carefully examine all information that sounds too good to be true.

“Cures” gleaned from the internet could be suspect. Trustworthy companies will speak truthfully about the products they provide and what benefits they can produce.

They will avoid misrepresenting the facts for a quick sale. Once again, air purifiers improve the air quality in the home, helping you recover faster and enjoy healthier conditions.

Trust a Local Expert

Sharp-Long 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating provides HVAC services to Lee's Summit, MO. Dedicated professionals can help you select the right air purification options for your situation, and can help you breathe easier in your home.